In Defense of the Offensive

I’m not in the best of spaces today. That’s hippy talk for I’m really f***ed off. I am, in fact, incandescent with rage at having been turfed headfirst out of another one of those strange liberal feminist groups that support everything but stand for nothing. And, I did not even say a word!

I was removed on account of having no-one to account for an extensive feminist philosophy I was, by virtue of being in the group, laying claim to. Now, to be clear, I never read the fine -print of these feminist groups. Life is short, and Netflix is vast and there is very little variation in what it is the believe in, anyway. Everything, and everyone, everywhere, all the time, every cause, every issue known to man will be listed as having meaning, value and a right to an opinion. And anyone who doesn’t agree with all the  above, all the time, even when they are sleeping will be removed forthwith and cyber shot at dawn in a undisclosed virtual location where we kill all dissident feminists.

I didn’t really mind being removed. If I’m honest, their posts were more headache than intellectually stimulating, but as a feminist I like to keep abreast of what’s going down in feminist circles. And, I’m here to tell you what’s reached an all time low. Freedom of thought. Never, in all my years of surfing groups, dipping in and out of different ideologies and ways to view the struggle, have I seen so much censorship of women.

Women are allowed to have an opinion, only after already accepting a pre-written contract on how to think! When did a woman’s ability to question become so limited? What strange madness is this that masquerades as feminist and yet silences freedom of thought? That denounces all detractors in derogatory terms, whilst refusing to give platform or space to their opinions and ideas?

Political Correctness becomes meaningless if it used as a means to shut down all critical analysis of issues. No longer a tool to protect the minority, it becomes a means to silence any who question the official line.

And the official line is… All official lines are meaningless. They are but abstract terms in an ever-evolving universe. Which is all fine and dandy, and don’t bogart that spliff…but what the f*** are you talking about? If I see more acronym for one more abstract concept tagged onto one more post calling itself feminist, but concerning itself with meaningless sound-bites, or Stalinist cries for censorship, I’m going to scream like a girl!

Feminism isn’t about being all things to all people at all times. Feminisim is the liberation of a class of people- women from a system of oppression – patriarchy. Let’s be clear about one thing. We ain’t gonna liberate no-body if we can’t mention our lady parts. I know this is stating the obvious, but I jest you not, I have read posts recently which suggest we need to move on from ‘vagina-centric feminism’ and even one post suggesting we needed to move on from ‘vagina-centric periods’. To be clear, I’m as up for that as the next, and give me a call when you’ve figured out how to make menstrual blood flow from the nose…

So much of my personal journey to feminist came from my inability to conform to the gender I was assigned at birth. Women, in rural Ireland, were very much second class citizens. Home-makers and breeders. The female anatomy combined with a strong catholic patriarchal structure that prohibited contraception, abortion and single Motherhood left women very disadvantaged. The absence of domestic violence and rape laws securing her position tightly to the kitchen sink, with just enough rope to stretch her to the bedroom.

This was the historical landscape I was born into, and from here I navigated a newer world as a creature they called woman. Didn’t know ‘rape jokes’ were a thing ’till my mid twenties. Even though I’d been raped, didn’t know you didn’t have to laugh. Didn’t know a lot about the commonality of my experiences and those of millions of other women ’till I discovered feminist literature and feminist theory.  Didn’t understand it wasn’t my fault ’till I got the low-down on the system and the structure and how it all works to make woman both victim and protagonist, simultaneously. Now, they want to burn the very writers that educated me. The spectacular Andrea Dworkin, the unapologetic Mary Daly and all those beautiful women who thought outside the box and taught me to see the boxes.

Get your f***ing philistine petrol bombs off our history! Her story even.

Have we so little attachment to our own past, as freedom fighters, that we would toss it away, lest we offend?

Ladies, if your feminism ain’t offending someone, you just ain’t doing it right!


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