Sex and single sex spaces.

Another day, another deluge of incoherent bollox in defense of a community that is so marginalised they’ve got celebrities writing public love letters to them.  See love letter here.   Seriously, is there anybody still buying the line that the trans community is under represented in the media?

Not that I’ve got anything against people who are pro the trans community, other than their abject inability to be able to define the word ‘trans’ coherently.  That’s not their fault.  No-body knows what trans means and that’s not accidental.  To be trans is to possess qualities so elusive that they defy simple or even complex definition.  It is to be so unfathomably interesting that anything as mediocre as words alone cannot capture your entirety.

As a woman, by comparison, I’m dull.  No amount of tinsel in my hair and glitter on my eyelashes can save me from my mind numbing ordinariness.  To add insult to injury, I’ve got all the physical characteristics of a woman.  The tits, the vagina, the womb.  I bleed every single month.   I’ve given birth to own child.  You can see the privilege stacking up with every God given hormonal fluctuation.  So not only am I boring but I’m also in a position of power over all the transwomen who can never experience any of this, on account of the fact that they are male.

Because I’m already cursed with an absence of sparkle and the presence of body parts, it seems doubly cruel to also want to silence me.  To what effect?  It’s almost as if there is a palpable fear of my words, and the words of all the women who don’t agree that they don’t exist, and that they don’t have rights including, if not especially, the right to speak.

I can see clearly why single sex spaces are an Achilles heel to those who advocate for trans rights, even though they can’t define ‘trans’ or list the rights that they seek except to say ‘More. More. More’.  Single sex  services exist primarily to protect women and children from male violence and to provide safe accommodation and support to victims.  There are a penis less haven in a patriarchal world, where front line casualties of the war on women can go to escape more violence and possible murder.

You can call me crude for reducing men to their anatomy but what the fuck do you think the patriarchy was built on?

Do you know what else is crude?  Male violence, especially intimate partner violence.  It’s all fists flying and hands circling, boots kicking and penises throbbing.   And that’s just the physical stuff.  Couple it with the sense of entitlement that a male socialisation affords blokes.  Add to it a culture where women hating is so commerialised that prostitution has been re-branded as empowering and what we actually find is a need for even more single sex spaces.  More.  Not what is being proposed, which is none.

No-body’s saying that, but everybody knows it.  If you reduce the definition of woman to ‘anyone who identifies as one, at any given moment’  and please believe me when I tell you that is what is being proposed and what self I.D. actually means, and simultaneously erode the funding and societal backing for single sex spaces then the logical outcome is a complete erosion of such spaces.

In doing so you further dis empower already vulnerable women.  You force them to move their boundaries to accommodate men.  You make their broken world even harder to fix.  You leave them unable to define their own reality within either a political or practical context.  You do them a great dis-service when you deny the role physical domination played in their trauma.  You do them no favours when you don’t recognise the wider social context of their circumstances.

So, in conclusion, this issue is going no-where fast.  All attempts to dissuade conversations start more.  Whilst the prevailing orthodox surrounding this subject tends to be ‘Shut up and put up’, there is a growing resistance to such advice.  What all the woke folk fail to read is the small print.



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