Brexit Blues

Am I the only one who doesn’t give a f*** about Brexit? Stay. Go. I don’t care, as long as we stop talking about it. I’m not sure if that’s a political position you are allowed hold. Against Brexit? Who isn’t? We all are, except for those of us who are pro Brexit. Only, that isn’t us. It is them. And they are crazy and racist and stupid.  Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

That’s a lot of really crazy, stupid, racist people but thankfully, the world is that black and white, and people are that simple. Anyone who says that they are more complex is guilty of insanity, stupidity, and racism, and worse, being out of touch with how you are supposed to think.

There are few things worse than being out of touch with how you are supposed to think. It is not illegal but, it is profoundly immoral, by the standards of those with their hands on the morality barometer.

You may think that there is no such thing as a morality barometer, in a black and white context.  You may say culture, religion, education, and societal norms shape such a concept.  That one man’s right is another man’s privilege is another man’s crime.  But all the above rational are simply evidence of your own wrong think, and your gender bias.  There was only way to vote on the E.U. referendum.

‘Course there are those that point out all the inequality inherent within the E.U.  They reference the 2008 crash and how many European countries were brought to their knees, forced to implement harsh austerity measures, whilst being run by European Union technocrats. Technocrat is a fancy word for banker. To summarise, some bankers caused the crash and more bankers contrived to make the wider population, most of whom aren’t bankers, financially culpable. And that’s just a Monday afternoon in Brussels.

To be clear, I’m not pro Brexit.  What do you think I am?  Crazy, stupid and racist? I’m also not anti Brexit. I’m simply bored of Brexit. Despite the doomsday talk that pervades my news feed, it’s still the same buzz on the street. The rich continue to be rich, the poor continue to be poor, and the grass continues to be greener in certain postcodes.

Meanwhile, in Portugal, a baby’s been born to a dead woman. True story. There are extenuating circumstances but, aren’t there always, when it comes to women’s rights? Is it too much to ask that a woman’s legal and moral obligations to selflessness are suspended in death?

At the same time, here in the U.K., a judge has ordered a full hearing into the issue of consent. True story. There are extenuating circumstances, but, aren’t there always, when it comes to women’s rights? Is it too much to ask that a woman’s inability to consent, be a line which no man may cross, even if he is horny and her husband?

Reading these snippets of life and death that fall between the pages of the never ending Brexit bollocks, I wonder if Britain and Europe aren’t more aligned then we imagine…



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