There’s something about Sam…

This blog is written in direct response to this blog.

Full disclosure, I know Sam Baldwin . After writing about her extensively, I had the opportunity to meet her.  I did meet her, and as a direct result of that meeting, I am, now, very fond of her.  I’d have to be, to have read Karen Woodall’s aforementioned blog about her – well it’s not strictly about her, but she does seem to be its target, on a par with a highly discredited rapist.

So, whilst Karen may well be a highly accredited psychologist, she ain’t no writer.  Assuming the purpose of writing is to convey information in a way that might be intelligible to anybody other than her equally as accredited cronies, over an expenses paid power lunch, in the name of ‘children’s lives’.

I can only hope that the families she’s ‘helped’ over her extensive career are very bright, educated, articulate, and also have degrees in psychology, psychiatry, and even maybe English lit, coz they’re gonna need it all, to keep up with the myriad of complexities, intrinsically convoluted, manifold and immense manifestations of Parental Alienation Syndrome.   Or alternatively, they are going to have to trust the experts, like Woodall, who makes a very good living from knowing her subject.

Now, maybe she does know her subject, but let’s be clear, she doesn’t want to tell you about it.  You,  Joesphine Public, need to be kept in the dark.  For your own good.  Ain’t it?  But that’s okay, ‘coz you can trust the experts.

So, after the longest introduction to a blog that says nothing at all about its subject , because the subject is too intricate to the untrained eye, it offers two very different examples of what it calls false allegations of Parental Alienation Syndrome.  On the one hand we have Sam, middle class, educated, not unpleasing to the eye, articulate Mother, claiming that she was disbelieved by the family courts, and that she is a victim of closed door justice.  On the other, we have Stephen Best, a Glasgow rapist, sentenced to six years in prison today.  What does a Mother fighting a pedo protecting judicial system have in common with a Glasgow rapist?

After asking the experts, they have responded – Enough.

Now, I’m no expert, but other than the fact that they both ran political campaigns, these two people are polar opposites.  Sam stands, firm and rooted, against violent sexual predators and devotes her time, energy and love to exposing them.  Best is a violent sexual offender.

There’s something about Sam that brings all the rape apologists to the yard.

Now, I’m no expert, but I think Sam’s got got something quite special.   It translates on screen, and even more so in person, and it resonates deep within a community that has been disseminated by secret family courts and abandoned by the free press.  Their methods and the lack of accountability they foster – ask the experts – leaves many campaigners destitute, broken, drugged up, burnt out, unable to fight their own cases, let alone the wider cause.  This should have happened to Sam, but she wasn’t textbook.  Instead of caving, she got creative.  Instead of giving up, she raised the stakes.

‘Do your worst’ her eyes invite you from the screen.   Unspoken, like a woman with nothing left to lose.

Now, I’m no expert, but isn’t that what the system, and make no mistake Woodall is the system, fears most of all?



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