A womb of her own.

A shout out to all the menstruaters and uterus havers and people who use sanitary products on account of having periods and a wave to all the pregnant people who will go on to be the birthing parents and a final salute to the chest feeders who are feeding their babies human milk. We love you all, equally. 100% of people who experience ovarian cancer have ovaries so people with ovaries should take care. If you are uterus haver that no longer ovulates you may be about to become a menopausal person and that may affect your health.

All of these words were used in advertising campaigns this weekend in a relentless attack on the one feature all these people have in common – womanhood. The type of hood that only women experience.

In an attempt to make sure everybody feels included, women are excluded from our own existence. Consigned to the fringes as ‘other’ in the only thing we previously owned, unequivocally – femaleness. And those of us who complain are cast as meanies, bigots, has-beens, the ones left behind as we walk into the brave new world of gender neutrality.

Gender neutrality is a woke term used to eradicate women as a sex class and decimate our single sex spaces, services and short lists. Frequently misinterpreted as a progressive concept, replacing sex with gender and turning single sex spaces into a ‘free for all’ makes women complicit in their oppression but powerless to name it.

Please believe me when I say I know this is uncomfortable territory for most, especially arty types. A line has been drawn in the sand on this issue in the arts and if you’re not on the non-binary side, you can kiss a comfortable career goodbye. I reject outright the idea that arty types are less in touch with the concept of womanhood than more provincial types. I think many just want to pay the bills and hang on to their publisher.

But how did we get here? To a point where the very word ‘woman’ might cause offensive and is best left unsaid? To a time, in history, when to know that women exist as a specific sex class is to be perceived as backword and lacking a basic understanding of human biology? Yet, dogs can easily tell the difference between the sexes, so, in order to not be perceived as ignorant, we must act as if we are stupider than dogs.

And people do. Grown ass adults who have had sex, and have seen naked bodies of both sexes, act like there is an ambiguity to a self evident truth. Left leaning beardy type men wax lyrical about the unknowable, enigmatic, ever evolving nature of the word ‘woman’ as if they had all entered the world through the force of their own egos, as opposed to through the vagina of their own long suffering mothers. Unless, the mother had a C-section because we don’t want to not include mothers who have had C-sections in our analogy of motherhood.

Including everybody, in everything, all the time, is soul destroying and harmful when you want to do something exclusionary like create a woman only space. Ultimately, it’s impossible to create such spaces when tossers, who think they are liberated because they do their own dishes twice a week, pretend they don’t know it’s a woman who does them the rest of the time and the dish washing woman pretends she doesn’t know either.

The staff at Qatar airport know the differences between men and women are innately biological and that’s why they only strip searched women. When Poland voted to make access to abortion even harder, they knew they were disempowering a sex class. When a group of twelve Israeli men gang raped a British tourist in Cyprus, they all knew the victim was female.

Just like when a protagonist is on trial for a sex act gone wrong, or someone is arrested for having sex with a post-box, we all know the suspect is a bloke.

It’s not a moral flaw or an absence of compassionate thinking that leads a human being to know the difference between the sexes, it’s six million years of evolution. It’s, literally, the only way we have continued to survive.

And it’s no coincidence that the people hunted down and shamed for their stand on gender identity are almost exclusively those who have a pro-women stand, yet pro-women groups are famously non-violent in both philosophy and outlook. It is difficult to find an individual that poses less of a physical threat to another than a radical feminist. Unlike, say a right wing thug jacked up on steroids, looking to lay his manly fists into any gender non – conformists he stumbles across. There have been many attempts to link the actions of such rough and tumble types to the words of Germaine Greer types, but, to date, there has not been a single example of a dangerous bastard citing Andrea Dworkin as his heroine.

And, ladies, this is the choice they have left you with. Your principals or your pay check. And there ain’t no landlord trading shelter for perception.


I’m really angry this morning and I don’t want to be, this close to Christmas. I want to ice gingerbread men and mull wine and wrap presents in sustainable wrapping products and I can do none of the above because I’m so fucking angry.

Yesterday Maya Forstater lost her case at an employment tribunal. Her witness statement outlining her beliefs can be read here. In a nutshell, Mia was fired for believing that one’s biological sex is a material reality.  This, a judge held was a not a belief protected by The Equality Act 2010.

I urge you to pause and consider the implications of this judgement. I ask you to get your head around the fact that a belief in a self evident material reality is not protected, that a woman got fired for knowing what everybody knows – Biological reality exists.

Does it make you feel a bit crazy?  ‘Coz it’s sort of driving me nuts.  No-where in my mind can I accommodate an alternative belief.  Sure, I know they exist, but a lot of bat shit crazy ideas about the nature of womanhood exist, and I’m adept at ignoring most of them. Why do I have to capitulate to this one? More importantly, why would I, when it is devastating to women as a sex class, and intellectually lacking any discernible weight?

‘Gender is a spectrum’ is the latest apple they’re shoving down our throats. ‘Course it’s a spectrum, because not all women wear pink all the time, and some men cry at romantic movies marketed to the crying gender. Saying gender is a spectrum is a core message of feminists, forever. We created it to climb out of the home-maker box and the baby maker box and the sex maker box we’d been coarsely shoved into, a few thousand years before.

So far we are all in agreement. At one point do we start to diverge?

‘Gender is a spectrum therefore I am (… insert random made up word) to subdivide the already two distinct sex classes into a mosh pitt of meaningless sub categories that serve one clear aim – To eradicate women as a sex class.

This is the part of the game that separates the women from the girls, literally and metaphysically.

To be clear, I have nothing against metaphysics and have been a willing participant in many a conversation so pretentious and outlandish that it disappeared up its own anus, but co-existing with metaphysics is material reality. I thought all good philosophers knew this. Certainly, all ex mental patients do.

There is what is in our heads.

There is what is before our eyes.

Before my eyes there are two distinct biological sexes. My senses converge to reaffirm that position.  It’s not simply what I see, it’s what I smell, it’s what I taste, it’s what I touch, it’s what I perceive.  It’s coded into my brain and hardwired into my instinct.

I think if you put me in a room that played a twenty four hour loop of the mantra ‘Transwomen are women’, you still couldn’t change my mind.

Folks, you may have to shoot me, or at the very least fire me.  #istandwithmaya

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Losing My Religion…

I’m not much of a believer but I do believe in the sanctity of single sex spaces. Based on my own experience, there are times in some women’s lives, and moments in all women’s lives, where they must be with other women, and only women.

I know men find this threatening.

It’s ironic, given that safety is the primary reason why women choose to congregate alone or seek out a provider of single sex services. When we’ve been attacked in our own homes, for example, and we have to flee, we want to flee to a space where there are no other men. Even though there are good men, who have never hurt us, we don’t care. We want a ‘No Man Zone’ to recover from the damage of the last man.

And the law gets it. Or it used to.

There was always those disgruntled about single sex spaces and women meeting without the men. Mostly men. This is understandable when we consider that men have been in charge of everything, forever, and are used to going anywhere they want, anytime they want, unrestricted.

But such men were out of touch with a changing world. Men’s Right’s Activists – MRAS, seeking to repeal rape laws and revoke women’s rights outside the home, never really took off…with women.

Just like you can’t convince a turkey to vote for Christmas, MRAS couldn’t get large numbers of women to campaign for polices that would see them disadvantaged.

What to do?

As the MRAS couldn’t change their demands, the only option available to them was to change their request. And the world’s most successful advertising campaign was born.

Enter stage left – Transgenderism.

Transgenderism is the belief in a gendered soul. It is the whacky, off the wall idea that people can be born in the wrong bodies, and therefore need surgery and life long medication to align with their true selves.

Except when they don’t.

Sometimes the condition is severe and requires medical intervention. This seems to be particularly true of young women, who move from binders to double mastectomy to infertility, before they have time to mature and consider the enormous ramifications of choices they are not old enough to make. Other times, the condition needs no medical intervention and can be alleviated with a marks and spencers bra and a pound shop lip-stick. This seems especially true of middle aged and older men, who seek to be perceived and legally recognised as women, but don’t want to be castrated for the cause.

What has any of this to do with Women’s Rights?

There’s been batshit crazy religions – suggesting women are sub-ordinate to men- in existence, forever. Spare Rib, anyone?

Why has this one, suggesting that the noun ‘woman’ isn’t a materially valid description of a type of human being, namely ‘women’,  gained such mainstream appeal? Other than the fact that it’s profoundly woman hating, and woman hating never went out of style.

It is because there is no separation of church and state on this issue. It is because the left, famous for their atheist approach to politics, has fallen into a black hole called trans ideology where new age buzz words meet biblical belief systems.  They never figured out it was a religion because it was posed as ignorant to even ask.

And here we are, with a kooky set of beliefs being sold as absolute truths to a gullible Western audience, made dim by authoritarian artists and ill informed celebrities, and politicians who will not do their jobs, for fear of criticism from a religion that does not bear scrutiny, which is why the logo ‘No Debate’ is No Accident.